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When booking your first appointment with Myo Partners, you will be required to complete an intake form that will allow us to learn about your needs and how we can help. We look forward to serving you!

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To our valued clients – we are excited to announce we are going digital to better serve you! Please click below to begin scheduling your appointments online and to complete our intake form and consent forms. 

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What is


Life is motion. The human body is a dynamic system in constant motion and, therefore, relies on fluid movement. Tension and stress, limited mobility, and pain are often the result of a restriction, an imbalance of the body’s fluent, natural movement. Increased muscle tension and pain in the areas of restriction are the body’s way of counteracting this restriction in order to re-establish necessary structural harmony. The pelvis is the weight-bearing center of the body. Lack of motion in the foundation can cause misaligned weight transfers onto other areas, resulting in compromised balance and posture, and pain.

Myopractics is a gentle system of dynamic manipulation and soft tissue therapeutic techniques, wherein we aim to restore and recreate natural, subtle physical motion and movement to the body. Because we are looking to restore proper mechanical relationships between the musculature and the structure, promoting the body’s natural therapeutic and rebalancing proclivities, clients often experience a significant reduction or elimination of muscular tension and pain, as well as a restoration of movement and flexibility as the result of these techniques. 

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(ten-seg’ri-tē) – A concept of muscular-skeletal relationships which refers to the forces of tension (provided by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) pulling on structure (bones and joints) that help keep the body both stable and efficient in harmonious movement, i.e. tensional integrity.

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From back pain of any locale, to neck pain, headaches, TMJ disorders, knee/ankle/foot issues, shoulder injuries, digestive issues, pelvic mis-alignments and more, we offer a wide range modalities to treat, and often correct or significantly improve, these issues.

We are your partners when it comes to your body, whether you have biomechanical issues you’d like to relieve, or whether you would like to improve your current state of alignment, flexibility, and movement. We partner with our clients to create improvement and progress, and our clients gain new understandings and tools to partner with their own bodies to sustain and maintain those positive changes.

Our strengths are having real interest, effective tools, and a goal of attaining efficient results and outcomes with you. We believe it is important to be both versatile and flexible for any one person’s unique needs and challenges. We look at each treatment as a collaborative venture to restore movement, improve flexibility, and relieve restriction so you can leave feeling light and free.

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Jordon has been passionate about strength, movement and flexibility, ever since his elementary years, loving sports, wrestling, and calisthenics. His love for calisthenics and strength training, as well as relieving pain and restriction through movement and stretching has always been a large part of his self-study and self-practice. Licensed since 2007, he has training in and passion for a multitude of therapeutic and deep tissue massage modalities including perinatal and pediatric bodywork, cranial sacral therapy, trigger point therapy, PNF and dynamic stretching, and more.

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Courtney began her therapeutic career at the age of 16, attending Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She started by offering therapeutic work by donation, continuing her classes in bodywork and energetics. She is licensed and trained in multiple therapeutic massage modalities, trigger point therapy, an array of energetic modalities, cranial sacral therapy, cranial manipulation, and ear candling. She is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor, and has created her own form of precision and corrective bodywork.

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Myopractics Mesa, AZ

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Ξ Our rate per treatment is $40 and we are a cash-only business, currently.

Ξ We use many different techniques, including Myopractics, to restore the body’s natural alignment, tensegrity and harmony within these structural relationships.

Ξ We understand that you know your body best because you live in it, and as such, the treatment is yours. We love verbal instruction and feedback from our clients.

Ξ Single treatments are approximately 15-20 minutes in length, however, we offer single, double, and triple appointments in the event more time is necessary.

Ξ Please always come feeling fresh if possible, and wear comfortable clothing suitable for flexible movement.

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Myo Partners’ most


How long are treatments?

When booked in advance, visits are typically 20 minutes long. However, we do make ourselves available for single, double, and triple time slot visits. You can book more time with your practitioner depending on your needs.

How can I prepare for my session?

Plan on wearing loose fitting, flexible clothing. If there is a particular problem to address, please allow for that area to be easily accessed. For example, not wearing tight jeans for a knee issue, wearing shorts under dresses. Hydration and hygiene help immensely with bodywork, so please be sure to drink enough mineral-rich water, and always arrive as fresh as possible.

How often should I come for treatments?

Not every body or injury is the same, so we recommend receiving bodywork at least once a month. Depending on whether an injury is new, the degree of injury, or history of injury, we will make personal recommendations based upon evaluation of your session with us.

Will I be sore after my treatment?

Not necessarily. Depending on the length of your session and your personal physiology, you may or may not be sore afterwards. Some people experience soreness up to 3 days after, while others feel relaxed and loose. During your session, we are always happy to take your feedback, in real time, so we can ensure your session goes smoothly and is as productive as possible.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Do you work on children?

Yes we do. Children ages 12 and under are free of charge when booked with a paying adult. We work on anyone from 1 week old to 100 years old. We also work on mothers to be!

Do you have weekend availability?

Yes we do. We are in office every other Saturday, from 8am to 1pm, currently.



I first came to Courtney as a 27 year old gal who couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hours without waking up because my hands were numb, tingly and painful. It was a devastating place to be, contemplating if I could ever get it fixed. After working with Courtney, I quickly slept through the night, and have had continued relief through her suggestions. She asked thoughtful questions, gave me strategies, and allowed me a new beginning. Courtney is my go-to for any pain. I’m so grateful I found her!

Wilderness Therapy Field Assistant

Courtney is truly the best! I noticed the difference immediately in my movement, sinuses, and flexibility. This is honestly the best therapeutic experience I have ever had. I broke my hip and femur in 2011 in a car accident and I feel my back and joint pain are instantly improving after every session. She comes into our law firm for treatments. Courtney offers great advice for stretching, nutrition, and other exercises to extend the benefits. I highly recommend her, her knowledge and presence is always professional.


Miracle workers! In 2012, a nagging back injury (lower and upper) which had finally progressed to the point I had to give up my career as a fire captain. My only solution for this debilitating nerve pain, at that time, was surgery; that is until I met Jordon and Courtney. Jordon worked on my spine four or five times and it was like no other experience in my long history of treatment. INSTANT RESULTS. Since the most debilitating nerve pain was in my lower back and hip area; Jordon recommended Courtney come to my home and work on me. And, here comes the Miracle! After 4 – 5 months of life-altering, debilitating pain that began to affect my marriage and everyday life; within 2 1/2 hours with Courtney, I was pain free!! And rather emotional. Courtney and Jordon Berry gave me hope for a normal life! And so, without any reservation, I recommend their service. God Bless!

Fire Captain/Division Chief, Queen Creek

I am pleased to be able to recommend both Courtney and Jordon Berry. I was first referred to Courtney after I spent about a month on the road. Thanks to hours and days and weeks of sitting in one position without enough movement, I was in pain – occasionally so much pain I couldn’t move and the rest of the time just flat-out uncomfortable. Courtney first referred me to Jordon, because after sitting in a vehicle for so long, I needed what you might call a structural tune up more than I needed a massage. I worked with Jordon for a couple of months, until he told me that what was left of my problem could be resolved by Courtney’s corrective bodywork. Finally, I got to have my pain relief and enjoy it too! Courtney and Jordon are both excellent at what they do. From time to time, especially before I go on the road or after I’ve just gotten off the road, I return to Jordon and Courtney to put me right. And I have to say, these two professionals are caring, have integrity, and are dedicated to their practice and their clients. I can’t imagine ever being sorry you visited either of them.

Non-Profit Capacity Building Consultant

Jordon’s honesty and passion for true physical healing through manual therapy is like none other. His knowledge of the human body, and what can be achieved through visits and exercise, is truly remarkable. My hips, low back, psoas, hamstrings, quads and IT bands were very tight. My visits with Jordon are helping me to be more flexible in these areas. Without his help I would not be able to work, hike or be as active as I am!


Courtney Berry helped me when no one else could! I have multiple injuries and chronic pain, and she is always gentle enough not to cause a flare-up. Courtney is knowledgeable in so many different therapies and methods—massage, Myopractics, energies, etc. She always knows the next steps to take to get me feeling even better! Plus, she’s simply the nicest person—I’m so relieved to have a health professional who listens!

Roman Snail Publishing

After seeing Courtney and Jordon for a number of years, I’ve learned the benefits of regular bodywork, including massage and myofascial release. Courtney combines modalities to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage tailored to fit my current condition and goals, like increasing flexibility or targeting specific muscle groups for fitness. As an office worker, I am also plagued with shoulder and neck issues from sitting at a desk all day, which she helps ‘reset’ back to normal with every regular session! Courtney’s attention to detail, learning my needs and preferences, has improved my quality of life. I strongly recommend contacting either Courtney or Jordon for any therapeutic bodywork needs!

BA Consulting Services

Courtney and Jordon are very skilled, kind, and compassionate manual therapists. Courtney specializes in working on problem areas to relax muscle tightness, layer by layer. Plus she’s a great lady and fun to be around!


Jordon is one the best bodyworkers you’ll find in the East Valley! His expertise with anatomy, soft and kind-hearted nature, and great listening skills, lend to a really insightful and healing experience! You’ll feel so much better after receiving a treatment from Jordon!

Golden Thread, LLC

I have been seeing Courtney for a couple of years for my shoulder, feet and back. When I first saw her, I had plantar fasciitis. It was a constant unbearable pain. It was no picnic having her get to the root of the problem, but she got there and now I am doing amazing, walking most of my golf rounds. Courtney also got my overused shoulder back on track, so I could get back on the course. Golf is where I get the best time with my best friend. We have travelled the world playing, and Courtney keeps us both swinging our clubs! She really does put the “work” into “bodywork” and the results are amazing. Her skill, technique, and pinpoint accuracy are amazing. Thank you, Courtney, for all of the past and future work, keeping me strong for years to come!


Courtney and Jordon take Myopractics to the next level! When working on you, you not only have a qualified, seasoned Myopractor, but you have all the years of knowledge and expertise of a very skilled and unique massage therapist too! Through the many years of recommendations and treatments I have received from these two, I have a complete confidence in that they will do all that they can, with their very best ability, to help you both inside and outside of the office to live your best life! Jordon has treated me through several hip and back injuries, shingles, and shoulder issues I have had. Courtney‘s magic fingers, her extensive knowledge and experience in doing cranial work with my head and face has helped me tremendously in relieving the pain from my Bell’s Palsy and migraines.  When coming to Courtney and Jordon with whatever afflicts you, it will be one of the best spent twenty minutes of your life!


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